Part-time Finance Directors

ONE provides Part-Time Finance Directors to AIM plcs and to private companies seeking to list on AIM which require an experienced Finance Director to help them through the IPO process. 

Our Part-time Finance Directors assist small to mid-cap non-trading AIM companies which require interim experienced Finance Directors to fulfill the operational and market facing duties of a Finance Director. Without a knowledgeable and experienced Finance Director who can take care of strategy development and implementation on the one hand and the day to day financial administration on the other, it is difficult for CEOs of small non-trading AIM companies to avoid getting sucked into the finance side of the business.

We also provide Part-time Finance Directors to private companies seeking to list on AIM to assist the CEO and board with the IPO process, in particular the financial reporting and working capital aspects of the IPO process. The ONE Interim and Part-Time Finance Director can also provide valuable market insight and, given the depth of their IPO experience, can help ensure the IPO process runs as smoothly as possible.